Broil King Cast Iron Rib Roaster

Broil King Cast Iron Rib Roaster

Broil King 69615 Cast Iron Rib Roaster

Price: $69.99

Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.98 x 4.02 x 5.51 inches
Color Black
Material Iron
Item Weight 5 Kilograms
Brand Broil King

Product Description

The Broil King Cast Iron Rib Roaster is one of the most innovative ways to cook delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs. Designed like a traditional Dutch oven, this rib roaster lets you cook moist, savory ribs in a fraction of the time they would take to cook directly on the grill surface or in a smoker. It’s also great for cooking whole chickens, potatoes, baked beans, and many other BBQ favorites. Featuring matte porcelain coated cast iron construction with a wire internal roasting rack, this roaster can cook up to 4 racks of standard-sized pork ribs. The wire rack keeps ribs elevated off of the bottom allowing them to steam in their juices. Add juice, wine, or beer to add even more flavor infusion to the cooking process. The lid features dimples on the inside that will drip-baste the food as steam builds up inside the roaster. The rib roaster features 5.5-in x 16-in x 4-in of total usable internal cooking space. The roaster is designed to sit directly on your grill cooking surface or on the Flav-R-Wave of a Broil King grill, keeping it out of the way and leaving you the rest of the grill to cook up delicious side dishes.On the smoker try 1 hour in the smoke at 225°F / 107°C and 2 hours in the roaster at 300°F / 149°C.

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