Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier, 650 sq. ft, Black

Price: $231.76

Color Black
Brand Airfree
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.5 x 8.5 x 10.4 inches
Power Source Corded Electric
Item Weight 3.5 Pounds

Product Description

FRESH AIR: Airfree provides pure, clean, and overall fresher air. We are like laundry soap cleaning the air around you. We are the perfect combination of TSS air sterilization using a filterless and silent technology. Like a household vacuum, we are a remover of items that litter your precious air. MAINTENANCE FREE: Our maintenance-free filtration means you don’t need to use gloves, a scrubber tool, or other specialized tools for cleaning. There is no activated carbon deodorizer or charcoal plugin filter or any other filter to replace on a regular basis. We keep it simple and to the basics so you don’t need to change or deal with washing reusable or washable filters. QUALITY: Airfree purifiers are manufactured using elite modern technology and the best whole materials and resources available. You can breathe easy knowing we don’t just mask the smell but are a remover of mold and mildew. EASY TO USE: Simply plug in the purifier to start the air purification process. You can then stand back and take a breath as we supply chemical-free air up to 650 feet square. AIR GUARD: We successfully clean the air for those living with allergies or mold issues. We are promoting a better ai quality through a patented silent air sterilization process. Our purifiers help to guard the personal air of a baby, babies, or a small child or children. We are a top-notch threat neutralizer so you get control of what you inhale. TSS TECH: Our exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS Core Technology has been independently tested in real-life working conditions by world-renowned laboratories of six different countries including labs in the USA, Sweden, and Germany. The lab testing proved that our machines is up to 99.99% efficient for virus and other microorganisms that pass through our ceramic core no matter the size. Below is a step by step explanation of this process:• The contaminated air enters into the Airfree unit via natural air convection.• The microorganisms are eliminated inside at temperatures close to 400 °F.• The sterilized air is cooled and then returned to the surrounding environment.• The safe purified cool air will now travel and be dissipated throughout your home in a breeze.

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